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Dr. Candice Brady is an Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon in Camarillo, CA. She specializes in the treatment of various foot and ankle disorders including Arthritis, Total Ankle Replacements, Bunions, Fractures, Cartilage Injuries, and is skilled in Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery and Arthroscopy. To know more about Dr. Brady’s services, read below:

  • Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate
    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Read More

  • Trauma and repeated stress can cause fractures in the foot. Extreme force is required to fracture the bones in the hindfoot. The most common type of foot fracture is a stress fracture that occurs when repeated activities produce small cracks in the bones. Read More

  • The ankle joint is formed by the articulation of the end of the tibia and fibula (shinbones) with the talus (heel bone). Osteochondral injuries, also called osteochondritis dissecans, are injuries to the talus bone. Read More

  • Foot reconstruction is a surgery performed to correct the structures of the foot and restore the natural functionality of the foot that has been lost due to injury or illness. Read More

  • Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which an arthroscope, a small, soft, flexible tube with a light and video camera at the end, is inserted into the ankle joint to evaluate and treat a variety of conditions. Read More

  • A bunion is bony prominence caused by mal alignment of the bones in the foot. Bunions result in pain, swelling and deformity of the foot and make it difficult to find comfortable shoes. Read More

  • Dr. Brady is offering this exciting, new treatment option which does more than simply remove "the bump"; Read More

  • Lesser toe surgery is an operation to correct deformities of the lesser toes other than the big toe. Some of the common lesser toe deformities include hammer toe, claw toe, and mallet toe. Read More

  • Injuries during sports are common. They can result from accidents, inadequate training, improper use of protective devices, or insufficient stretching or warm-up exercises. Read More

  • Ankle arthrodesis is the surgical fusion of bones that form the ankle joint. The ankle joint is formed by the tibia, talus, and the fibula bones. Read More

  • Foot reconstruction is a surgery performed to correct the structures of the foot and restore the natural functionality of the foot that has been lost due to injury or illness. Read More

  • Tendons are the soft tissues connecting muscle to bone. The Achilles tendon is the longest tendon in the body and is present behind the ankle, joining the calf muscles with the heel bone. Read More

  • Osteoporosis is a bone disease characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density resulting in brittle, fragile bones that are more susceptible to fractures. Read More

  • Carpal Tunnel Release
    Shoulder Arthritis
    Trigger Finger Release Read More

  • A meniscal tear is a common knee injury in athletes, especially those involved in contact sports. A sudden bend or twist in your knee causes the meniscus to tear. Read More

  • Knee arthroscopy is a common surgical procedure performed using an arthroscope, a viewing instrument, to diagnose or treat a knee problem. Read More

  • The joint surface is covered by a smooth articular surface that allows pain-free movement in the joint. Read More

  • Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical procedure performed for joint problems. Read More

  • The rotator cuff is a group of tendons in the shoulder joint that provides support and enables a wide range of motion. Read More

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common, painful, progressive condition that is caused by compression of the median nerve at the wrist area. Read More

  • Inflammation in the tenosynovium leads to a condition called trigger finger, also known as stenosing tenosynovitis or flexor tendonitis, where one of the fingers or thumb of the hand is caught in a bent position. Read More

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